A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement

Did you watch Jimmy Kimmel Live last week? Whether you got to watch Thursday’s episode or not, we have the clip here. Jimmy invited some real doctors to address the anti-vaccine movement, because he feels that this is quickly snowballing.

Even though we take a light hearted approach to the anti-vaccine this is a serious cause. According to the CDC’s director of immunizations and respiratory diseases, we could see more outbreaks–similar to the measles outbreaks in New York, California and Texas–that could happen on a larger scale if vaccination rates continue to drop. The top three cases the CDC are looking at are Measles, pertussis and meningitis. These are all diseases that can be prevented by vaccines, yet they persist across the United States.

As always please consult your physician regarding verification of any health, disease, nutrition, and exercise related information, especially pertaining to your health.