Dr H’s Inspiration

Dr H created after years of evidence based medical approaches that he adopted, and his decision to end the Disastrous D’s:

  • Decreased energy
  • Disease
  • Depression
  • Disability
  • Early Death

People try to “lose weight” to “get healthy”. It is necessary to lose FAT first through creating health and THEN the weight comes off.

Losing fat can be extremely challenging. Common and fad diets, may provide weight loss initially, however do not result in long-term weight loss OR greater states of health. There is an overuse of diet pills, which include dangerous side effects, offer temporary weight loss and disproportionate lean tissue loss.

Dr H decided to open The Clinic when he discovered something shocking — a group of overweight patients he was treating demonstrated an absolute elimination of diabetes, pre-diabetes, hyper-triglyceridemia and hypertension in only six weeks, with an exercise-centric weight loss program.

All program participants had completely eliminated all medications at the beginning of their personalized program. The rapidity and completeness of diabetic marker and blood pressure normalization had never been seen before. Furthermore, at the 3-year mark, fat loss has been fully maintained in 75% of these individuals. Considering the fact that Diabetes Type 2 is the most rapidly expanding epidemic in the history of mankind, his aggressive approach offers a much needed alternative to standard advice – “eat better, move more and take these drugs” – which for many reasons rarely works and does not offer a long term solution to a long term problem or the issues that created them.

When people become physically and physiologically fit, eat food that supports physical and emotional well being, reduce the amount of visceral fat on their bodies and address tobacco and drug abuse…80% of disease can potentially be prevented. Likewise, 80% of prescription medication can be eliminated.

The Clinic program can begin with a 4-day, one-week or two-week residential boot camp (link to packages and rates) including comprehensive medical analysis and evaluation (link to 12-Point Medical Evaluation).

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