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How Can The Clinic By Dr H Help You?

The Clinic By Dr H focuses on the process of helping individuals live a healthier lifestyle. A weight loss journey is not always easy and  it certainly takes a particular amount of effort. The weight loss process focuses on certain elements that are psychological, physical, education, and emotional. The Clinic By Dr H always strives to work together as a team and ensures that nobody is alone in their journey to achieving the health results that they want.

In order to move away from the sedentary lifestyle that some people lead, one must get up and move in such way that requires your body to burn calories, sweat, and feel a bit of exhaustion. As you remain consistent in your exercise workouts, proper water and nutrition consuming, and adequate amounts of sleep; you will notice that your weight loss voyage will not only become normal as an everyday activity, but it will be a lot more fun and exciting.

The Clinic By Dr H understands that every individual is has a different weight loss journey and that each and every one of our bodies are different. The Clinic By Dr H takes the time to give detailed attention to our clients and makes sure that each goal is targeted and that we work towards it.


Is There Really An Ideal Diet?

The question that most American’s ask, “Is there really an actual DIET?” We live in a fast food nation where the accessibility of fast food restaurants are located on almost every single corner of every major city. We are constantly tempted to engage in the process of “overeating” because our minds are telling us to do it, and the portion sizes that are available to us are enormous. In reality, there is no actual diet to follow. Many individuals will mention that they are on a strict diet which prohibits them from consuming several categories of food; and then indicate that they have not lost weight. Numerous people state that after dieting for a period of time, they actually experience an increase in weight. The truth is that there is no specific diet or arrangement of special foods that will kickstart your rapid weight loss journey and speed up your metabolism extra fast. The only solution is to engage in physical activity that will allow your body to burn more calories than you consume. Strenuous exercise that causes you to break a sweat and encounter exhaustion at the end of your workout, will definitely create a positive impact on your weight loss journey and healthy lifestyle. Light to Moderate physical activity such as walking a few times per week for only 30 minutes a day is sometimes barely enough to even maintain your weight. In addition to consuming the appropriate amount of calories required for your specific weight loss goal (Calories In vs. Calories Out), eating healthy foods that give you the energy to exercise will give your body the benefit it deserves. The natural and correct way will require a good amount of effort and consistency, but one will notice the long term results that they have been searching for. The most important thing to remember is to stay positive, motivated and consistent.

Counting Calories

Although tedious, time consuming, and sometimes confusing, there is no better way to keep track of your intake other than calorie counting. You will learn the basics of portion size, calories, nutrition, and most of all recording everything you eat is a real eye-opener to yourself. Additionally, keeping a record gives your concrete information that will increase your awareness of physical versus emotional hunger. Lets look at the basics of calorie counting:


Equipment needed:

-Kitchen scale

-Measuring cups

-Food journal


-Pocket-sized calorie-counting book

When consuming food be sure to not be fooled by hidden calories. Often times one might think they are ordering something “healthy” at a restaurant, but more times than not the chef is adding sauce, gravy, oils, dressings, or butter that is adding a countless number of calories to your meal. This is problematic because it can cause you to drastically underestimate your caloric intake. Another hidden trick by the food industry can be revealed by simply reading nutrition labels. Often times we base what we think of a product on the cover, which can be extremely misleading. Be sure to check the labels to see exactly what you are putting into your body. Remember that counting calories will be complicated at first, but your first goal should just be to evenly spread out your caloric allotment between five or six meals and eventually counting calories will become second nature to you!