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How Can The Clinic By Dr H Help You?

The Clinic By Dr H focuses on the process of helping individuals live a healthier lifestyle. A weight loss journey is not always easy and  it certainly takes a particular amount of effort. The weight loss process focuses on certain elements that are psychological, physical, education, and emotional. The Clinic By Dr H always strives to work together as a team and ensures that nobody is alone in their journey to achieving the health results that they want.

In order to move away from the sedentary lifestyle that some people lead, one must get up and move in such way that requires your body to burn calories, sweat, and feel a bit of exhaustion. As you remain consistent in your exercise workouts, proper water and nutrition consuming, and adequate amounts of sleep; you will notice that your weight loss voyage will not only become normal as an everyday activity, but it will be a lot more fun and exciting.

The Clinic By Dr H understands that every individual is has a different weight loss journey and that each and every one of our bodies are different. The Clinic By Dr H takes the time to give detailed attention to our clients and makes sure that each goal is targeted and that we work towards it.


The Actual Benefits of Healthy and Intense Exercise

The Actual Benefits of Healthy and Intense Exercise

Maintaining a consistent exercise routine that involves moderate to high intensity workout sessions are actually beneficial to the human body. The human body requires functional exercise to maintain a proper long term working organ system. Numerous individuals have been taught that participating in a basic “30-minute a day walk” a few times a week is sufficient enough to keep in shape and stay active. This idea may seem to suffice; but in reality, vigorous exercise is essential in order to promote long term health benefits and help prevent chronic health problems. Vigorous exercise will help reduce the chances of developing diabetes, decrease high blood pressure, decrease heart rate, increase blood flow and increase the metabolism to burn calories faster.  We all need to embrace the challenge of exercise and not be afraid to engage in situation that may result in physical exhaustion or mental pain. Even though exercise may appear to have particular risks such as injuring your back, knees, shoulders or ankles; if we do not make exercise a consistent habit, then we also run the risk of developing long term orthopedic issues (arthritis, osteoporosis). Many people believe that it is strange or unnecessary to exercise for more than one hour a day and push your workouts to the maximum potential. On the contrary, it is ok to be exhausted and out of breath from an intense exercise session that lasted more than 45 minutes. This allows us to go outside of our comfort zone and experience what it actually feels like to sweat, burn calories, and understand your body’s reaction to a physically demanding stimulus. In the end, it comes down to analyzing the relative risks involved and creating a healthy balanced lifestyle with adequate intense exercise, proper nutrition, and enough sleep.

Being Active Reduces the Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

People with diabetes often take prescription drugs to maintain their health and sugar levels. Diabetes patients should be making healthier choices like exercising and eating better to improve their health. Good nutrition helps to get the proper amount of nutrients through food and not through supplements. Similarly, exercise helps build strength, endurance, and reduces fat. The best part? There are no side effects from eating right and exercising.

Studies show that staying active helps reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease. So what can someone with type 2 diabetes do? According to the Journal of the American Medical Association found that when people with type 2 diabetes did a combination of aerobic (cardio) exercise and resistance training, they were able to lower blood sugar levels after nine months than people who did either type of exercise alone.

The Clinic by Dr. H teaches patients to live healthier lives as opposed to giving people a quick fix. Make things happen this summer and put your health first. Click here to book your stay.

Curing Diabetes With a Healthy Lifestyle

Type Two diabetes is something that can be developed over time due to poor eating and exercise habits. Conversely, it is also something that can be reversed through smart and effective eating and exercise habits. However, the problem here lies in the fact that far too many people rely on prescription drugs or medical surgeries to turn their health around, rather than sticking to the basics and living a healthy lifestyle.

First off, to understand if you are at risk of type two diabetes you need to know your numbers. This refers to your cholesterol level, BMI, blood pressure and body fat percentage. Once you know this things you will have a better picture of your overall health and you will be able to better assist your risk of type two diabetes and your course of action.

Nearly 70% of all Americans are on at least one prescription drug. However, studies have shown that many of these drugs are treating issues that could be avoided by changing one’s lifestyle. So, the option is yours: try to improve your situation by taking drugs that could have adverse side effects and potentially leave you in a situation where symptoms may return, or cure yourself by changing the way you act, not putting anything harmful in your body and gaining knowledge that will last and benefit you for a lifetime?

At the Clinic we like to advocate for the latter. Rather than putting synthetic, man made drugs into your body or performing medical surgeries to improve your health, we believe in simply changing ones lifestyle for long-term results. This process begins with being proactive in tow aspects of your life. First, being considerate and conscious of what you eat and put into your body; and second, making an effort to burn calories through exercise. This simple formula, if effectively put to use, can turn your life around whether you are slightly overweight or suffer from type two diabetes. Ditch the drugs. Change your lifestyle.

Improve Health With a New Lifestyle

A new study by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) was released recently and it proves that exercise changes everything. The study suggests that although we push for moderate to vigorous exercise, “any movement has the potential to forestall illness and disability.” That is to say that even light exercise is beneficial to one’s overall health.

Physical activity is important for people of all ages. This is true because joints require motion to maintain their strength, which reduce the chance of fractures.

Dorothy Dunlop from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago said, “Even among people who cannot do very much moderate activity, there was a strong benefit to participating in light activity to reduce the risk of developing disability as well as disability progression.”

The benefits of exercising even a little are numerous (as shown in the infographic below). However, for people that want to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle we recommend vigorous exercise accompanied by a healthy diet.

Cheat Days? Diet Pills? Working Out With Pain?

Throughout your journey to becoming a fit and healthy individual, you are bound to have many questions. Are there easier ways to achieve my goal? Are there any quick shortcuts I can take? How do I get around certain obstacles? Keep reading to find out a few of the most common questions to hopefully aid you along your journey.

skewersOne of the most basic and highly desired questions is whether or not to have cheat days. You make a conscious effort to eat right all week long and you want to know if you can treat yourself to some ice cream for your hard work. However, if you are thinking like this, you are not on the right track. You do not want to consider all the healthy food you eat as a burden and unhealthy foods as a reward. Why would something that is bad for you be a reward! Instead you need to adapt the view that you are changing your lifestyle and creating long lasting healthy habits, not just a temporary phase. At the same time, keep in mind that having a cheat day won’t destroy your progress, just as having one good meal isn’t going to be that beneficial either. However, remember that a single cheat meal can often lead to a binging episode that can be a sever detriment to your success and results.

Another common question has to do with the use of diet pills. Diet pills have been a serious source of controversy and for very good reasons. You have to keep in mind that these pills are legitimate drugs and with any drug, there will be side effects, often times negative consequences. Not that diet pills are extremely unsafe, but their theoretical benefits do not outweigh the potential risk they create. A regimen with healthy eating and consistent exercise will be much more beneficial to you in the short term and long term.

At one point or another, you have experienced an injury. The question is how does one go about their exercise routine while simultaneously managing their pain? Such a situation requires extra effort from an individual. You need to make sure you properly warm up and cool down. This includes applying heat to the affected area before exercise and applying ice after exercise. Make sure to modify your exercises as your injury dictates but do not let your injury stop you from exercises all together.

Dangers of Excess Fat on Abdominal Area

We all know that being too overweight can have severe health consequences, but did you know that having fat specifically in the abdominal region can be particularly harmful as well? Having a large waistline puts you at increased risk for a multitude of health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Interestingly enough, this type of fat can also be seen in skinny individuals.

Research has shown that fat may be folded deep inside the belly around vital stomach organs (called visceral fat). This stubborn fat triggers an increased production of bad cholesterol while rendering insulin less effective. In turn, this increases your risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. In addition, belly fat has been shown to be an accurate indicator of “metabolic syndrome”, which leaves you with high levels of blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides, as well as lower levels of “good” cholesterol.

mcdc7_belly_fat_menIn comparison to women, men tend to collect more belly fat, and at a younger age too. On the other hand, women tend to store fat in their legs and thighs, which actually may protect women from heart damage. However, at menopause, women’s fat tends to settle in the belly, which is when their risk of heart disease rises.

To some degree, your genes determine how much fat your body stores, as well as where the fat settles in your body. Luckily, the most important factor in fat storage is lifestyle. Physical inactivity along with too much caloric intake leads to many of these health issues. This is why it is important to manage your diet and exercise. Be sure to watch your caloric allotment and make note of what junk food you may be eating. Similarly, burning calories by being active and exercising should keep that belly fat away and keep you healthy.

It is important to stay in tune with your body. Watching your belly fat is something that can have extraordinary effects on your overall health. Don’t fall prey to your genetics! Exercise and eat right and you will take huge steps in progressing your health!

Kilimanjaro Climb

Are you looking to challenge your body or put your new found health to the test? If you are, you have a great opportunity to do so with The Clinic by Dr. H. The Clinic will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in the world and highest point in Africa, and you can join them in the adventure!


Mt. Kilimanjaro is host to a multitude of ecosystems and is home to many unique and awe-inspiring animals such as olive baboons, bush pigs, aardvarks, and mongooses just to name a few. Taking the climb up the mountain will be both challenging, yet one of the most rewarding experiences one can accomplish.

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro can be a daunting task, but if you are lacking in motivation, make sure to read a blog post by Ajay Rochester, which can be found HEREAjay took upon the arduous burden of completing an olympic triathlon. An olympic triathlon is composed of a 1.5 km swim, 20 km bike ride, and ends with a 10 km run. Although the event crew began cleaning up the course while Ajay was still running, Ajay never gave up and  yelled at workers to leave cones on the track for her to run around. In the end, she kept her will alive and was able to successfully complete the exceptionally difficult task that is an olympic triathlon.

However, Ajay has not stopped there. It is her new years resolution to shed another 20 kilos and be in the best health of her life, all in the memory of her lost mother. Her story is truly inspiring and goes lengths beyond this post. Again, you can check out her story HERE.

If you feel motivated by this point, feel free to sign up for the Mt. Kilimanjaro climb so you can make a difference for yourself as well. You can sign up for the climb here: RISE TO NEW HEIGHTS.

Push-Pull-Twist Training!

You don’t have to buy a gym membership. You don’t have to be tied to a contract. You don’t even have to leave your house. These are the benefits you get to enjoy with our Push-Pull-Twist Training system! With our system you get to stay in your home while you workout, which is great with the harsh weather of the winter season coming along. Also, you don’t have to worry about paying a monthly bill for the gym or being caught in a gym contract, leaving you with more money in your pocket!


Although saving money and being able to stay in your own home are huge benefits, what also make the PPT system so great is that it can be adapted to fit anybody’s health or fitness level. The workouts will challenge you but at the same time, they can be modified so that  anyone can complete the workout.

With this program you’ll be using dumbbells, a medicine ball, and your own bodyweight to challenge your body and improve your fitness, while never having to step foot into a gym!


Read more about the Push-Pull-Twist training system in Where Did All The Fat Go by Rob Huizenga, MD.

Beliefs Versus Facts

In today’s technology filled world, with information floating all over the place, it can be hard to differentiate between what is fact and what is just a popular belief with no truth. Is diet important? Is exercise important? How fast can I lose weight? Do I need surgery to be healthy? In my book Where Did All The Fat Go?, I outline what is true and what is false. Here, I am going to give you a little preview:


#1: Some people believe that all weight loss is good, no matter the method.

This could not be further from the truth. When losing weight, you can lose fat mass or lean body mass (muscle, bone, fluids). You DO NOT want to lose your lean body mass. Instead you want to make sure you are making steady progress in losing your fat mass while never exceeding below essential fat levels (below 3 to 5 percent body fat in men and 12 to 15 percent in women).

#2 Gastric bypass surgery is necessary for morbidly obese adults and children (those with a body mass index over 40).

You can pay $25,000 for a surgery that will leave you with a 40% chance of postoperative complications, or you can choose a nonsurgical option that you can do at home. One of our contestants in The Biggest Loser who was considered “beyond-morbidly-obese” was able to drop from 51-percent body fat to an amazing 22 percent, while getting rid of his hypertension, sleep apnea, and weight-related ankle and foot problems. Surgery is not always the solution.

Obviously, there are myths and uneducated people out there. You need to understand truth from myth in order to make the most out of your life. You can find more of these myth-busters in my book Where Did All The Fat Go?.