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Fall Back into Fitness at The Clinic

The Clinic By Dr. H focuses on the process of helping individuals live a healthier lifestyle. A weight loss journey is not always easy and  it certainly takes a particular amount of effort. The weight loss process focuses on certain elements that are psychological, physical, education, and emotional. The Clinic By Dr H always strives to work together as a team and ensures that nobody is alone in their journey to achieving the health results that they want.

Here at the The Clinic by Dr.H we currently have a new session under way. The Session began last Friday, September 11th and will go on until September 25th. These sessions teach you to work outside of a gym environment and to test your body’s limits. A way to push your self to the absolute limit in a way that you will enjoy. Think of the 2 week session as an investment towards the rest of your life.

Our next session will begin on October 16th and will end on October 30th. This session will focus around working together as team’s. Our goal is to have you and your partner to develop and work hard together and to use each other as motivation. If you sign up together then your partner will get 50% at sign up.

The Actual Benefits of Healthy and Intense Exercise

The Actual Benefits of Healthy and Intense Exercise

Maintaining a consistent exercise routine that involves moderate to high intensity workout sessions are actually beneficial to the human body. The human body requires functional exercise to maintain a proper long term working organ system. Numerous individuals have been taught that participating in a basic “30-minute a day walk” a few times a week is sufficient enough to keep in shape and stay active. This idea may seem to suffice; but in reality, vigorous exercise is essential in order to promote long term health benefits and help prevent chronic health problems. Vigorous exercise will help reduce the chances of developing diabetes, decrease high blood pressure, decrease heart rate, increase blood flow and increase the metabolism to burn calories faster.  We all need to embrace the challenge of exercise and not be afraid to engage in situation that may result in physical exhaustion or mental pain. Even though exercise may appear to have particular risks such as injuring your back, knees, shoulders or ankles; if we do not make exercise a consistent habit, then we also run the risk of developing long term orthopedic issues (arthritis, osteoporosis). Many people believe that it is strange or unnecessary to exercise for more than one hour a day and push your workouts to the maximum potential. On the contrary, it is ok to be exhausted and out of breath from an intense exercise session that lasted more than 45 minutes. This allows us to go outside of our comfort zone and experience what it actually feels like to sweat, burn calories, and understand your body’s reaction to a physically demanding stimulus. In the end, it comes down to analyzing the relative risks involved and creating a healthy balanced lifestyle with adequate intense exercise, proper nutrition, and enough sleep.

Spring Into Fitness This Season

Now is the time to change your life! This spring you can sign up for our session spanning from March 28- April 11, 2014 and have the opportunity to work wonders for you body in Dr. H’s Malibu Clinic. You will be under strict guidance and direction to make the most positive effect possible on your mind and body.

Not only will you be working under a regime that will prime your body to be its best self, but most importantly, you will be gaining valuable knowledge about the entire process that you can implement on your own once you are out of the clinic. You will learn principles of exercise, nutrition, and self-discipline that will stick with you as long as you continue to practice them.

10004007_698088410234271_160812055_nSpecific to this session is the optimal timing of working out in spring. Spring began on March 20th, so by working on yourself now, you are preparing yourself for your summer body. Additionally, the weather is beginning to warm up again, which is a perfect opportunity to get exercise out in the sun! You can go out for a nice jog or even go to the beach and enjoy the weather there.

However, keep in mind that if you can not attend the spring session, this is still a perfect time for you to get in great shape. The amazing thing about spring is that you have so many options in terms of exercise. You can go for a simple jog around your block, visit the beach, run up a sand dune, or go for a healthy swim. The possibilities are endless and there should be no excuse for not taking care of yourself this spring!

Another thing to keep in mind is that in order to get that summer body you so desire you will have to do more than just exercise. Watching what you eat is absolutely vital to achieving your weight loss goals and it should be of utmost priority in your self-disciplinary actions. If anything, remember to stay positive and never forget that all the difficult decisions now will pay off in the future!