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Being Active Reduces the Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

People with diabetes often take prescription drugs to maintain their health and sugar levels. Diabetes patients should be making healthier choices like exercising and eating better to improve their health. Good nutrition helps to get the proper amount of nutrients through food and not through supplements. Similarly, exercise helps build strength, endurance, and reduces fat. The best part? There are no side effects from eating right and exercising.

Studies show that staying active helps reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease. So what can someone with type 2 diabetes do? According to the Journal of the American Medical Association found that when people with type 2 diabetes did a combination of aerobic (cardio) exercise and resistance training, they were able to lower blood sugar levels after nine months than people who did either type of exercise alone.

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Is Sleep Important?


6 hours? 8 hours? 10 hours? How much sleep do you think you need to function at peak potential? According to the National Institutes of Health, the average adult sleeps less than seven hours per night. However, the average sleep need of an adult is 7.5-9 hours per night. Why is getting enough sleep so important? Besides the obvious of having more energy, there are hidden benefits you may not have known about.

Although many may not realize it, getting quality sleep can help your mental and physical health. Lets start with your physical health. Sleep is responsible for repairing and healing heart and blood vessels so if someone is sleep deficient, they have increased risks of obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Sleep also helps maintain hormones that make you feel hungry, so a lack of sleep will lead to increased hunger. Now, lets take a look at the mental health benefits. Getting enough sleep will improve your ability to learn, problem-solve, and make decisions. Additionally, you will be able to better control your emotions and behavior granted you have enough sleep.

So the answer is yes, sleeping is important.