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How Can The Clinic By Dr H Help You?

The Clinic By Dr H focuses on the process of helping individuals live a healthier lifestyle. A weight loss journey is not always easy and  it certainly takes a particular amount of effort. The weight loss process focuses on certain elements that are psychological, physical, education, and emotional. The Clinic By Dr H always strives to work together as a team and ensures that nobody is alone in their journey to achieving the health results that they want.

In order to move away from the sedentary lifestyle that some people lead, one must get up and move in such way that requires your body to burn calories, sweat, and feel a bit of exhaustion. As you remain consistent in your exercise workouts, proper water and nutrition consuming, and adequate amounts of sleep; you will notice that your weight loss voyage will not only become normal as an everyday activity, but it will be a lot more fun and exciting.

The Clinic By Dr H understands that every individual is has a different weight loss journey and that each and every one of our bodies are different. The Clinic By Dr H takes the time to give detailed attention to our clients and makes sure that each goal is targeted and that we work towards it.


The Actual Benefits of Healthy and Intense Exercise

The Actual Benefits of Healthy and Intense Exercise

Maintaining a consistent exercise routine that involves moderate to high intensity workout sessions are actually beneficial to the human body. The human body requires functional exercise to maintain a proper long term working organ system. Numerous individuals have been taught that participating in a basic “30-minute a day walk” a few times a week is sufficient enough to keep in shape and stay active. This idea may seem to suffice; but in reality, vigorous exercise is essential in order to promote long term health benefits and help prevent chronic health problems. Vigorous exercise will help reduce the chances of developing diabetes, decrease high blood pressure, decrease heart rate, increase blood flow and increase the metabolism to burn calories faster.  We all need to embrace the challenge of exercise and not be afraid to engage in situation that may result in physical exhaustion or mental pain. Even though exercise may appear to have particular risks such as injuring your back, knees, shoulders or ankles; if we do not make exercise a consistent habit, then we also run the risk of developing long term orthopedic issues (arthritis, osteoporosis). Many people believe that it is strange or unnecessary to exercise for more than one hour a day and push your workouts to the maximum potential. On the contrary, it is ok to be exhausted and out of breath from an intense exercise session that lasted more than 45 minutes. This allows us to go outside of our comfort zone and experience what it actually feels like to sweat, burn calories, and understand your body’s reaction to a physically demanding stimulus. In the end, it comes down to analyzing the relative risks involved and creating a healthy balanced lifestyle with adequate intense exercise, proper nutrition, and enough sleep.

Can’t Make it to the Clinic?

We understand that it is unfeasible for everyone to be able to make it to one of our Malibu clinics. However, just because you can’t make it doesn’t mean you are out of options in terms of getting healthy and turning your life around. By properly exercising, eating right, and staying motivated, you can make extraordinary changes to your body and learn a great deal on how to stay healthy on your own.


One of the first steps you are going to want to take is to get proper exercise. Everyone is at a different fitness level so this can range from going on a brisk walk to taking part in a higher intensity workout such as sprints or running up stairs. What is important here is to find your level of fitness and match it with an according exercise. However, you must make sure you are continually challenging yourself. Eventually a walk will become too easy for you and you should progress into a light jog. As you can see, if you continually increase the difficulty of exercise as your fitness level progresses, you will see results!

Exercising is extremely vital to getting fit, but just as important is the need to eat right. In order to eat a healthy and balanced meal you need to keep a few things in mind. Ask yourself these three questions: How many calories are you consuming? What macronutrients are these calories coming from? What foods are these calories coming from? For the first question, you want to make sure you are not consuming too much or too little calories. You then want to consider how much fat, carbs, or proteins you are consuming relative to each other. Lastly, you will want these calories to come from healthy foods and not greasy junk food.

Perhaps the most intangible part of your entire journey to get fit will be your motivation. Make it a goal of yours to take each day on by itself. Push yourself to get off the couch and exercise or to keep yourself from eating that slice of cake. If you can approach your fitness on a day-to-day basis you will be much less overwhelmed and will stay committed to your initial goals!

National Nutrition Month – March 2014

This March is National Nutrition Month! This is a nutrition education and information campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The focus of the yearly campaign is to the stress the importance of making educated dietary choices and developing solid exercise and eating habits.

This year’s slogan is “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right.” Consumer research has shown that the taste of food, as opposed to the nutrition value, is the number one reason for some foods being purchased over others. Additionally, factors relating to social, emotional, and health issues play a role in choosing food, but people will consistently eat more of the food that they enjoy most. So with this year’s slogan, the goal is for people to be able to combine both enjoyable food with proper nutrition to ultimately create great tasting, yet healthy meals.

So how are you going to implement this into your life?


You must start taking proactive steps in creating healthy meals that meet your dietary guidelines. Rather than going for the greasy and calorie packed junk food, take some extra time in the grocery store to pick out some alternative options that you can make a tasty meal out of.

One of the simplest things you can do is to eat out less. Although they may seem healthy, many meals from restaurants have a bunch of hidden calories. This can include a ton of butter that a chef uses or simply salad dressing that has a surprising amount of calories. By eating at home, you know exactly what you are eating so you can accordingly create a tasty meal that still fits your caloric allotment.

Another easy step that can be taken is to add more fruits to your diet. Find your favorite fruits and carry some around in your office, car, or work space. Next time you get hungry or get a sweets craving, just have your fruit. Not only will these keep you from eating unhealthy snacks, but you will be providing your body vital nutrients and antioxidants.

Equally important, make sure not to completely deprive yourself from indulging in some sweets or snacks. As long as you are able to keep the vast majority of your caloric allotment coming from healthy options, you are allowed some wiggle room as long as you are not going over your calorie limit.

Hopefully you can keep this in mind this National Nutrition Month and you can create lasting habits for a lifetime!