“I have worked for Dr. Huizenga for almost 5 years. I’ve witnessed so many amazing transformations but was never able to commit to make a change for myself. For many years I had felt self conscious about my weight, tired, sluggish, and was even diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. After witnessing the horrible effects of my uncles unmanaged diabetes; loss of two toes, eyesight, and kidney failure, i knew it was time to make a change. When I told Dr. H I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes he extended an invitation for me to attend the clinic and refused to give me the “easy way out” by simply prescribing me medication. I’m so grateful that I decided to take him up on his life saving offer. I’m now 30 lbs down, self confident, full of energy, and best of all diabetes free! So if you’re tired of being tired, and ready to stop making excuses, if you’re ready to learn life long lessons on how to live healthy I highly suggest you go to The Clinic by Dr. H”
-Nancy Castellanos

“The Clinic by Dr. H saved my life! When I started the program I weighed 231 lbs. The lessons I learned about eating nutritiously and exercising safely have allowed me to take control of my health. I am happy to share that I am currently 178lbs, but more importantly my Dr. has taken me off both my blood pressure and gout medicine. I’ve gained 11% more muscle and my bone density has improved! This program truly teaches people of all ages how to live healthier, by changing their lifestyle. I never thought I could feel and look this great at 60. Thank you Dr. Huizenga, because of the healthy habits I learned at the clinic I am looking forward to living a very happy, healthy, and long life.”
-Lelah K. Pealer